Benefits of tanning bed lotions in indoor tanning sessions

Tanning lotions vary as per the use. It can be indoors as well as outdoors. The outdoors tanning lotion uses a different list of ingredients so that the sunbathing process becomes safe and the rays cannot harm the skin while getting tanned. The indoor lotions are obviously different. Research says that tanning indoors is the best and safest way. The tanning bed lotions become very handy in this process.

Benefits of indoor tanning lotion

  • Choice of SPF

Indoor tanning means very less bad ultra violet for your skin. The rays are modulated in such a way that you will not be harmed by the UV rays. The enhanced UV rays decrease the necessity of the use of SPF. This is why indoor tanning lotion may or may not have SPF. You can use one as per your choice.

  • Made for the short span tanning session

The tanning bed lotions are specially made for the small session of indoor tanning. The outdoor tanning lotions are specifically made to protect you from the long exposure of sunrays. The design of the indoor lotion components is done to secure your skin from the faster process of tanning.


  • No problem for tanning beds

It is obvious that you will perspire inside the tanning beds. The lotion is made in such a way that it will not harm the beds when the process is repeated. Regular lotions tend to damage the integrity of the tanning beds. This is why the same lotion cannot be used in both the places.

  • UV-A complying

The UV-A rays are less harmful than the UV-B rays. The indoor tanning lotions are made in such a way that it promotes the process. The tanning span is hastened and you get the right tan in less time. The outdoor tanning lotions have accelerators that provide extra tanning speed.

Benefits of indoor tanning

Indoor tanning is faster and safer than the outdoor sunbathing. Too long exposure can harm the skin cells rather than helping them to build Vitamin D. Indoor tanning spans are less and impart the same effect of hours of sunbathing. The UV rays in the tanning beds are better than that of the natural ones.

The tanning industry is regulated by the Food and Drug Association. The exposure time is well set below the maximum exposure risk level. You will get the same results by spending minutes in the bed.

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