Get the headache of fleet insurance off by availing single policy for all makes of cars!

Getting a commercial fleet insured just got easier in the UK. Now one can insure the whole fleet under a single policy, even if it includes more than one type of car model or make. This helps in renewal of the policy too as all of it can be transacted on a single date, saving valuable time and effort.

How to get online fleet insurance

Earlier on, insurance was a cumbersome process. It included submission of documents along with inspection of the vehicles prior to insurance. The cars would be checked for quality, status and condition at the time of insurance. However, no more is the same now, and getting Fleet insurance just got easier with One can simply ask for a quote by clicking on the link to reach the home page and filling up the required details before submitting the request. One can also look at the various unique features of the policies on offer. In fact, one can even call up the experts dealing in the business of insurance available with the firm through their website and get to know about the practical implications of the features mentioned in the policy at any time of the day.

Truck cabs --- Image by © fotog/Tetra Images/Corbis

Include all models under one policy

Insurance policies are cumbersome and clumsy, as they require various details of cars and drivers in order to ascertain their present condition. However, with this firm, even the most difficult of the hurdles just got easier online! This is one of the rarest insurer firms in the UK that offers a single policy to include all kinds of models and makes of cars in the fleet. Thus, one does not have to go for individual policies to include the various taxis, vans, lorries and trucks to be insured; a single policy can do the trick!

Customer experiences

One can know about the firm from the Blog section on the website. Here, one can find blogs submitted by many of the existing users which reflect both the pros and cons of availing the insurance services of this company. These blogs thus serve similar to testimonials in reflecting how satisfied the existing users are. This section can be of great help for the new insurers who are looking to insure their commercial fleet with the company. Besides the 24X7 helpline, these testimonials can reveal a lot about the firm and details of its existing fleet insurance policies

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