Tips to hire cars for your memorable days

To enjoy your Majorca holiday hiring the car is the one of the best option and driving in the Spanish road side will makes you as the happiest one. In airport terminal itself they have the car rental Majorca office. It will be located in two places. That is in the terminal office ground floor and in the fourth floor.


Eligible drivers will be there for guide you . If you booking touristy booking through the online is very easy and also at the cheapest price we rent the cars. The rates are given to the customer once in a week. That is the amount will be given at the one week levels only . Not for the month.  The five seated car have the reservation and also it have the space to have the 2 bags initially.


Tips to drive:

To wear the seat belt is very important one. Driving in the right side. You  must know the some basic words in the road side of that state. You must use the left lane for the left turning. The middle lane is for straight. To overtake the some other vehicle you use the right lane. You have to parked in the blue lined lanes. Not in the yellow lanes, that will be for the handicapped ones. For the handicapper would have the stickers in that they will be in yellow lanes. In Majorca it is very hot . Don’t forget to bring the water, it will tends you as dehydrated.

Renting tips:

There is no way to take the car off the island. Touister can book through online . It cost very low compare to direct booking. If they book through online means they will avoid the airport surcharges. Most of the people are use the manual cars. Suppose if you want the automatic car , you are advisable go to the online booking before days of the holidays. Before renting the car you must check the insurance of that car. Also check the permits and legal requirements for the car. If you have the driver means it is not must. But the drivers in the rental car should have the license , but it will be valid for one year only. Every year they have to renewal their license The minimum age of main driver should be of 25 years .

Star your memorable holiday with renting a car using the sky scanner.

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